project careers

Project Career Student Demographics

The following information is from a data report generated by JBS International, Inc., a Project Career partner, regarding students that have been enrolled in the program during the time period March 14, 2014 through October 13, 2016.

The majority of students participating in the program are male. Their ages range from 18 to 52, with the mean age being 27 years. Most students currently live in one of the three program site states of Ohio (37.7%), Massachusetts (31.3%), and West Virginia (26.4%). Three students live in Pennsylvania (2.8%), and one each in Connecticut (0.9%) and New York (0.9%).

A pie chart showing that 57% of Project Career students are male and 43% female.

Most Project Career participants (83%) enroll in a 4-year college or university. The remaining 17% enroll in a 2-year program. Students are fairly evenly distributed among the class levels, with 29% Freshmen, 24% Sophomores, 17% Juniors, and 23% Seniors. The other 7% represent individuals enrolled in programs that do not involve class levels.

Pie chart showing 83% of Project career students are in 4-year institutions and 17% in 2-year programs.

Over one-quarter (26.4%) have served in the military. Their years of service range from 1 to 24 years. Of the 28 individuals who have served in the military, 10 (35.7%) were in the Army and 11 (39.3%) in the Marines. Four students were in the Navy (14.3%), two were in the Air Force (7.1%), and one was in the National Guard (3.6%).