project careers


In 2013, Project Career was developed to support undergraduates with traumatic brain injury (TBI). The project’s goal is to identify best practices and strategies for using cognitive support technology (also called assistive technology for cognition), such as a tablet computer and applications (apps). These technologies help students accommodate the challenges resulting from the TBI. They help students achieve positive academic outcomes and support them in successful employment or graduate school transitions. To provide website users with the most up-to-date findings from Project Career and access to available tools, information, and other materials, the electronic portal is provided that integrates the Student, Technology, Accommodations, and Resources (STAR) resources.

The Project Career portal is for many different audiences: college students who have a TBI, their family members and caregivers, college advisors, educators, health and rehabilitation providers, active service members, veterans, and advocates. It provides information on technology tools, apps, accommodations, and employment-supporting resources that can enhance college and career achievements of those with TBI. Project Career helps students with TBI:

The portal provides a special entry point for active service members and veterans.

The Student, Technology, Accommodations, and Resources Portal (STAR)

The Project Career information portal is called the Student, Technology, Accommodation, and Resources or STAR. By accessing STAR, users can obtain information and resources for specific stakeholders to both understand Project Career and to access the provided array of multimedia documents. STAR includes publicly available best practices, videos, evaluation data, and strategies used by Project.

Who Can Use Project Career STAR?

Project Career is based at three universities (Kent State University, Boston University, and West Virginia University). STAR’s materials allow any student with a TBI to use his or her own mobile device to benefit from the project’s successful practices, findings and research. STAR does not require the student’s institution to be involved in Project Career. All students and others can use the resources and strategies for themselves.

To get started, just click on the appropriate audience group on the main page.