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Project Career Qualitative Research Article Abstract

BACKGROUND: Project Career is an interprofessional five-year development project designed to improve the employment success of undergraduate college and university students with traumatic brain injury (TBI). The case study information was collected and synthesized by the project's Technology and Employment Coordinators (TECs) at each of the project's three university sites. The project's evaluation is occurring independently through JBS International, Inc.

OBJECTIVE: Five case studies are presented to provide an understanding of student participants' experiences within Project Career. Each case study includes background on the student, engagement with technology, vocational supports, and interactions with his/her respective TEC.

METHODS: A qualitative analysis from the student's case notes is provided within each case study, along with a discussion of the overall qualitative analysis.

CONCLUSION: Project Career is providing academic enrichment and career enhancement that may substantially improve the unsatisfactory employment outcomes that presently await sutdents with TBI following graduation.

Complete Reference Information

Nardone, A., Sampson, E., Stauffer, Ca., Leopold, A., Jacobs, K., Hendricks, D.J., Elias, E., Chen, H., & Rumrill, P. (2015). Project Career: A qualitative examination of five college students with traumatic brain injuries. NeuroRehabilitation, 37, pp. 459-469.